Surgical Aid Foundation Outreach 2022


Surgical Aid Foundation in conjunction with Kelina Hospital carries out her annual outreach programme for 2022. This outreach has been holding every year since 2009 as our Corporate Social Responsibility. This year, it will run concurrently in our locations in Abuja and Lagos.

The number of Nigerians who can access expensive Minimally Invasive Surgical procedures has reduced over the years, due to economic factors. Surgical Aid Foundation and Kelina Hospital have been making our own modest effort to help citizens overcome constraints to accessing quality surgical care each year.

Free Tests Beneficiaries
We have done the following tests for free in the past, during our previous programmes: Dental Checks, PSA tests/Screening for Prostate Cancer, Screening for Cervical Cancer, Prostate Ultrasound Scan
Surgery Beneficiaries
We have done several surgeries in the past under this programme, including procedures in Urology, General Surgery and Gynaecology. Over 200 patients have benefited from discounted surgeries.

The programme is open to the general public and patients who have had bills for their surgery in the past but could not afford the cost. Participants would pay 50% of the surgical part of the initial fee to have their procedures. New people in the general public who wish to join the programme, but who have never been to Kelina Hospital before now will also have a 50% discount on their surgical aspect of the fee, just like our old patients.

Only Minimally Invasive Surgery will be considered.

The Subsidized Surgeries covered in this year’s programme include:

  1. Prostate surgery: Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP).
  2. Kidney stone surgery: Laser Lithotripsy for Kidney stones (RIRS, URS, or PCNL).
  3. Gall Stones: Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Gall stones; other General Surgery Cases.
  4. Uterine fibroids: Laparoscopic Surgery for uterine fibroids; other Gynaecological cases.
  5. Erectile Dysfunction: Penile implant surgery for Erectile Dysfunction.
  6. Urinary Incontinence: Artificial urethral sphincter for urinary incontinence
  7. Ovarian Cysts: Laparoscopic cystectomy.
  8. Selected other Minimally Invasive surgical procedures.

Intending participants should register and get an appointment before they come in. You will be expected to show your registration information on arrival for pre-operative tests. To register, fill the form below or contact any of the following numbers below (text/whatsapp is preferred), Registration with SAF is free:

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