Outreach Programme

Apart from our usual daily walk-in patients who seek for support, Surgical Aid Foundation carries out a 5-week outreach programme annually for Minimally Invasive Surgeries which usually holds between October and December to aid in funding life-changing surgeries for individuals facing financial barriers. Due to economic factors, the number of Nigerians who can access high-quality healthcare has reduced. The annual surgical aid program is helping overcome location and financial constraints to accessing quality healthcare. Surgical Aid Foundation seeks support from Philanthropic individuals, donor organisations, internationally and locally to partner with, in order to accomplish these laudable fetes.

Training Programme

Surgical Aid Foundation collaborates with hospitals and agencies that show interest in training and education of healthcare personnel to build our human capacity, thereby bringing about sustained improvement in our quality of care. We organize training Programmes that bring personnel in contact with experts in their chosen field and new technology not commonly available in Nigeria, as our own effort at technology acquisition here at home.

Linking Patients with Health Institutions

Surgical Aid Foundation helps people by referring them to strictly vetted hospitals for their surgical needs. Through our vetting system, we have identified and created partnerships with hospitals specialized in Minimal Access Surgeries. Our referral process helps people secure top-notch quality surgical care in and out of Nigeria. We are determined to help citizens who are in need of specialized care to see if they could receive such care within Nigeria, thereby obviating the need for Nigerians to travel around the whole world in search of help for their health problems with associated hazards and difficulties that our people have had to cope with around the globe. We liaise with hospitals especially within Nigeria to reduce medical tourism, but where this is not possible, with others outside the country as well, to ensure that our citizens that go to them get the best level care and return home safely. .

Surgical Assistance

Surgical Aid Foundation offers financial assistance (when possible) to deter costs of surgeries by indigent patients. We adhere to internally controlled guidelines to determine eligibility for the provision of assistance. We also help patients who need advice on options available to them, even if they are not challenged financially. .

Promotion of Good Health

Surgical Aid Foundation promotes healthy living by producing and disseminating health improvement information to the public through various means such as articles, videos, radio jingles amongst others. This helps to educate the public about lifestyle habits that put them at risk for conditions that may require surgery, and how to best change their lifestyle..

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