Here are some testimonials from past beneficiaries;

“I needed money for a major surgery and I was looking to get a loan from the bank, but I was not eligible for a loan. I heard of Surgical Aid Foundation from a friend and I was able to apply online under their Surgical Assistance program. It was a big relief to hear that they were willing to offset the cost of my surgery. The surgery went very smooth without a hiccup thanks to the quality of care I received from their partner hospital. I have many friends who had the same issue as myself and I know the pain they are experiencing after their surgery but that has not been my case. I am so thankful to Surgical Aid Foundation” – Mr I.

“In all of my 62 years, I have never seen a more patient-friendly hospital. I was impressed by the partner hospital SAF linked me to. Throughout my stay, hospital and SAF staff made regular contact with me to offer emotional support. Even the Medical Director would come in to sit and talk with me. I have been to other hospitals within and outside my State (Cross River), I’ve never seen a friendlier service. In fact, I have been recommending people to the Foundation for surgical conditions because of how they handled everything professionally and humanely. Not to mention the surgery I went in for, it was expertly done and I have since bounced back to good health. They are simply the best”- Mr J

“Without the help of Surgical Aid foundation, I don’t know where I will be today. I was admitted to the hospital for a prostate condition which cost myself and my family a lot of money. After some days of treatment, the surgeon informed me that I needed surgery. I and my wife had spent all we had on the treatment and we were unsure if we could afford the surgery. The surgeon referred us to Surgical Aid Foundation (SAF) for surgical assistance. SAF advocated for us to our friends, families and other contacts to raise money for the surgery. Within a month, we were able to raise 75% of the surgical cost and SAF subsidized the balance. I am back to good health now and I’m so thankful that an organisation like Surgical Aid Foundation exist.” - Mr G

I want to thank Surgical Aid Foundation for assisting with part of my surgery fee. I was unable to raise the total cost of surgery and I was glad SAF stepped in to assist me. I discovered I had needed surgery earlier this year after a severe right-sided lower abdominal pain started and I was admitted to the hospital. I had an abdominal scan that revealed a stone in my right kidney. Being a doctor, I understand that minimal access surgery had numerous advantages to open surgery but it isn’t available at the government hospital. With the help of SAF, I was able to find a surgeon high-skilled in minimal access surgery and they also supported with their surgical assistance program. I am so thankful. – Dr Emeka