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It sounds like an abstract concept, almost like something that could never happen. In spite of this, like all gradual processes, tooth decay (also called dental caries or cavities) does not happen instantaneously and may can go unnoticed for a while, especially at initial stages. This fact makes it necessary to gain more knowledge on the topic of tooth decay: its causes, progression, complications, treatment options, and ways of preventing it.


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The 2017 surgical outreach programme, organised by Kelina Hospital in conjunction with Surgical Aid Foundation has been going smoothly. The hospital has broken new grounds with many of the surgeries like laparoscopic pyeloplasty, laparoscopic retroperitoneal surgery performed on patients probably the first time in Nigeria. The team of surgeons was led by Dr. Celsus Undie (Consultant Urologist with interest in Minimal Access Surgery, including laser-based, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery) and Dr. Arvind Ganpule (a Robotic Surgeon). Laparoscopic Decortication/marsupiarization of deep-seated renal cyst measuring 170ml in volume was also done. All the surgeries went well.

The surgeries were successful and patients are all doing well post-surgery.